Sci Fi Series - N.S.E.A. Protector from Galaxy Quest - Full Model

by 3DWarehouse
This model represents the N.S.E.A. Protector starship from the 1999 movie Galaxy Quest. Based on the 1400th scale model from Pegasus Models, together with available information from the internet, and detailed screenshots from the movie itself, this is the most detailed, screen accurate model of this ship available today. The model is drawn to 1:1 scale with an overall length of 1458 feet and includes a shuttle bay containing a separate detailed model of the Transport Shuttle (with retractable landing gear displayed via the Layer’s Menu) which transported the crew to a planet in search of a replacement beryllium sphere. Also included is a separate detachable highly detailed model of the Command Ship which separated from the main ship and transported Commander Taggart and his crew back to earth at the end of the movie. This command ship contains many details not seen in the movie, but which I‘ve included, such as detailed multi-level airlock doors and docking clamps at the rear of the ship and a detailed underbelly incorporating landing gear and a boarding ramp which can be displayed either open or closed using selections from the Layers menu. Thanks to reolcofa for the use of his “Control Panel #1” in the hanger section of the model. Please note that this is the complete model and can be downloaded in it's entirety.