Saw Horse

by 3DWarehouse
Okay, this is the first thing I am going to build, starting in two days. I figure until I get my main shop table started I am going to need something to work on. Yes, they are way over-built, but the plastic saw horses I bought at the local hardware are driving me crazy. If I look at one, it falls over.

They will be made from scrap 3/4" plywood and 2x4s laying around the shop right now. I know they will be heavy, but that's the point. Heck, you can hang hooks from the end plates or even throw some boards across the lower leg struts to make a quick shelf. How about mounting a 6-plug outlet to the legs? Nice!

All angels are cut to 15 degrees or 75 degrees as needed. I wanted the feet flat on the floor not sitting up on one edge. As usual, everything is on its own layer for study and disassembly. Dimensions are included on a separate layer.

UPDATE (3/21/16) I have had to stop and construct a jig to cut out the 15 degree notches across the top of all of the legs. It's a cross grain cut, difficult, and nearly impossible (and not recommended) on a table saw. I will clamp the legs onto the jig, and will raise the blade to the required height.

UPDATE (3/24/16) Here is the final iteration of the saw horse. I left off the two upper end plates (hidden in file), as I thought it might lead to more clamping points than not. I added the lower shelf across the two supporting members attached to the legs. The unit is rock solid and level. I ended up notching the upper ends of the legs with a the jig that I made. The first jig I made did not work well; the second one worked great.

UPDATE (4/8/16) Both saw horses are done. The jig worked perfectly. Use the URL link for more information and pictures.