Sahyadria denisonii

by Animium
Sahyadria denisonii 3d modelPhoto Realistic, high resolution 3d model of Sahyadria denisonii commonly knows as denison barb or roseline shark, a fish found in the rivers and streams of Western Ghats in India.Sahyadria denisonii 3d model featuresQuad faced, polygonal sub-divisional mesh.Realistic texture, with opacity and specular maps at 1024 pixels.Model is riggable and ready for animation.Included 3d formats – 3ds max and Obj. Perfect for any kind of visualization, illustration and animation.Polygons: 2,456Vertices: 2,528Sahyadria denisonii 3d modelSign Upgoogle_ad_client = "ca-pub-3255423738669589";
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