SWCOT - Solidworks City Of The Future

by GrabCAD
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Solidworks City Of Tomorrow (SWCOT) is a futuristic concept of an ultra modern city block built at 1/12 Scale. All dimensions are scaled from large life-sized skyscrapers & buildings, and our completed project simulates one square mile of real estate including 28 properties or build plots. This collaborative effort, like six others before it, used GrabCAD’s Workbench tool to view, share & manage all participants’ 2D and 3D project files.

Dozens of GrabCAD members participated in this collaborative CAD project, providing feedback and support. The 3D modelers listed below contributed to the design & building of 3D models used in the final assembly. A full list of collaborators can be seen in the video animation.

Each collaborator began by claiming an address on the map using the 3D viewer’s pin feature. Participants were free to create whatever they wanted within their chosen build space – city utilities, gardens, sculptures, innovative buildings or something unforeseen. Collaborators rendered, uploaded & gave feedback on progress made along the way while Tommy also worked to compile all creations into what would be the final city assembly and animation, which he also created progress renderings of to share.

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Our Collaborator List:
A3NCAD ¤ AHTAHAC ¤ AIT OUFKIR YASSINE ¤ Adam Pohl vAlex Tomic ¤ Alexander Papadopoulos ¤ Andrew DiVincenzo ¤ Arian Shamil ¤ Blake Courter ¤ Bryan Morris ¤ Calle Svensson ¤ Carlos Pérez ¤ David Warren ¤ Dick Lowe ¤ EDISON PHOENIX¤ Flaviano Crespi ¤ Frederik Vollbrecht ¤ Greg ¤ Hans de Ridder ¤ Hardi Meybaum ¤ Harvey Fonseca ¤ Ivo Alberti ¤ Indrek Narusk ¤ JP Johnston ¤ Jarray.Med Engineering ¤ Jon Stevenson ¤ Jonathan ¤ Krista Casal ¤ Lance Skelly Les Hardwick-Grey Luis Cordoba ¤ Marcelo¤ d6a1bcfb ¤ Mech Amine ¤ Milivoje Zarkovic ¤ Mohammad Shubbak ¤ Nemanja Ranković ¤ Noel Stalker ¤ Pinfor Team¤ Roger Vallès i Balsells ¤ Sara Sigel ¤ Sourbh ¤ Stefan Varga ¤ Stephen Nyberg ¤ Sudhir Gill ¤ WeSpeakCAD ¤ Tibor ¤ Abdul-Aziz Shubbak ¤ Tomas ¤ Tommy Mueller ¤ Varinder Pal Singh ¤ Vatca Lucian ¤ Verislav Mudrak ¤ Victor Bonavarte 6779 ¤ Vladimir Palffy ¤ William ¤ daniel shariatpanah ¤ gcom ¤ james lenane¤ john fall ¤ luis amaya ¤ max bracic ¤ thinkin3D