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I seen the “Ship of Trek” made By kuhn0362 here on blendswapShip of Trek pageand i thinked wow ,if split ships into it's parts ,it will be like Shipyard models.that make simple to create a Trek's ship style design ,no need to re-recreate all from zero ,but simply add what is missing , even if start to create Hi-poly ship ,starting from a low poly is better nothing andallow to see how it will look before spent time to model and see the a part is not good near another part.I added some ship design most of the was seen into Trek’s show and movies:Nebula Class,Akyazi Class,Intrepid class Warp Delta ,and shuttle pod of Enterpise serie,… and moreinto the Blend there are three scenesOne is Federation shipyardOne is Romuland shipyardOne is KIingon shipyardthe first 2 layer into each scene is like a summary but not include all possible ship for example into federation yard is possible to make Saldain and Akula and Centaur Class but that are not exposed into the summaryEnjoy with it