STL to SOLID conversion 3d model
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STL to SOLID conversion

STL to SOLID conversion

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 7 months, 3 weeks ago
It seems 2015 Solidworks service pack 3 has a STL to Solid converter that actually works....

What I did was: File----> Open-----> In the file type, instead of "All Files *.*" Please select only STL.. Find the proper file, and ONLY single click... This Un-Greys the "Options" Dialog box.. Open this dialog box, and select Solid Body, or Surface Body... Please bare in mind, if the STL is of poor quality, a solid is not possible... Then click "Ok", and then "Open"... My experience is that any STL file larger than 2 meg, takes a LONG time.... Like overnight.... The sample files that I converted as a test of the process, took about 20-40 minutes a piece... You may have better luck, as I only have 4 gig of ram... I hope that my effort has been able to help!

Please message me for any questions...