SH-60 Seahawk

by Animium
SH-60 Seahawk 3d modelHigh detailed, mid poly 3d model of SH-60 Seahawk,  is a twin turboshaft engine Navy helicopter.SH-60 Seahawk 3d model featuresUVW mapped model, with detailed and realistic texture, included Normal maps.Realistic and complete exterior and interior with enough details.Polygon optimized and smooth model.All objects like doors, rotors and landing gears are separated and pivot points set, ready for rigging and animation.Included various 3d formats and 3dsmax 2009 finalrender version. Perfect for any kind of visualization, illustration and animation.Polygons: 48,586Vertices: 27,460Model PreviewSign Upgoogle_ad_client = "ca-pub-3255423738669589";
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