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SG:U Stargate

by Blend Swap
I set out a couple months ago with the vision of a stargate on my G+ page, and that's exactly what I did. I created the materials from within Octane render, then recreated them in Cycles. This is a very, very high-poly mesh once instances are made real. Not suitable for real-time or game applications. However, it is high enough quality for film or stills.Using instances: 239,715 facesAfter export to P3D: 347,018 facesPlease attribute and keep this license if you modify and redistribute.EDIT: I decided to go the extra mile and added two more scenes, each with materials for Blender Internal and LuxRender. Also includes Lux's mesh output, an LXS file, and renders from the same camera for each renderer. Includes composite nodes (just a simple glow setup) for each renderer. No external images or textures used.