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Real Libraries by Cadwerks.Studios - Wood Volume 6

Real Libraries by Cadwerks.Studios - Wood Volume 6

by 3DWarehouse
This is a part of my wood collection. I started making my own libraries because I started having problems with other people's materials getting screwed up in my models or simply not having the real thing. I have over 1000 wood samples alone so I had to break this library down in several parts. I tried to pick out wood with few or no knots and off the wall patterns in it since this program, like many others, will use it as a repititous pattern. You might need to tweak a few materials based upon your needs. All of the names of the wood in the model along with the corresponding image files have been named by species and also includes the location of its natural environment for availability purposes. I hope you enjoy it and get as much use out of it as I do.