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Reach Stacker LRS-645 3Way posed set

Reach Stacker LRS-645 3Way posed set

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 7 months, 1 week ago
It is the heavy industrial machine for exclusive use of a container loading and unloading the some 40 feet, 20 feet of containers piled up in the ground (Bath, yard) for exclusive use of one of a port and a warehouse called reach stucker or container handler

As for the format, two kinds of Fbx and Lwo are enclosed.
I enclose Obj&Mtl by addition, but am usually only a pose.
It is attached with two kinds of tank containers, is it the special type that is low at 35 feet in a military tank container and 20 feet of tank why military use? When it says, this is because it is that there is that it borrows private heavy industrial machines commonly to say the military and works commonly.

Because pose collecting is difficult, it is had distributing it, but I enclose it in three types of pose file format, and, as for this article, there is a part.

Shape to put in the shape halfpace (the sixth step) putting a container to the shape first step to run with a normal container