Raspberry X+ VESA Mount 75mm and 100mm

by Thingiverse
Since my printer is a small bed printer, I had to design something that I could print it out.

This can be used for both A+ and B+ Raspberry pi and can be also used for 75mm and 100mm VESA Mount.

The design is made to fit 4mm screws for TV and 3mm screws and nuts for the Raspberry pi.

The holes are a little bit tight fit. Those holes are made with a 2.4 mm diameter.

Hope it is useful for someone out there.

Has anyone downloaded any file? It seems to be a problem when I try to upload it. Please feel free to tell me.

I'm having problems uploading the files so here is a link to my drive so you can download it.

I have added to de design some standoff because when I place the Raspberry Pi on the mount it wasn't level.

The file is called Ver2_Raspberry_VESA_Mount.stl

It has all four parts for the VESA mount. It is still suitable for 75mm and 100mm VESA mount.