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RC Trike

RC Trike

by Thingiverse
This is a RC Trike. It's simple to assemble, goes really fast and you can drift with it!
I built it from some parts (electronics, shocks, battery) from an old RC-car. Other than that you will need:

a bunch of M4 screws
a few M5 and two M8 screws and maybe some screw sealant (And ofcourse som nuts and washers...)
and some more screws.......
two 625Z bearings (Back Wheel) and two 7X19X4 bearings (Front wheels)
a piece of steel wire
a driving belt from an old washing machine (and some glue that glues plastic to rubber)
some double sided tape to attach the electronics
One or two rubberbands

Also I used a Futuba S3003 servo
I guess that you can figure out the rest from the pictures.

Some holes did not come out perfect for me so a drill can come in handy
Since a direct drive from the motor to the wheel with rubber bands ain't very good for the motor I would not recommend you to use it in long terms.
driving too fast while steering to much can make it flip around and crash... don't do that

I might post a video of it driving later.
If you make it, just have fun and don't flip around and crash...