Qua'sheq Bird of prey refit (2215)

by 3DWarehouse
After the initial sucess of the first generation of Qua'sheq birds of prey the obvious choice was to update the design and keep using it. This is the 2nd generation bird of prey, and its just as powerful as its last gen counterpart. Armed now with either (you had achoice this time around) type II disruptor cannons or disruptor beam cannons, then a type I pulse torpedo cannon to finish it off. THis model had the lates Spectral shields, which were 100times better than defelctor shields of a few years earlier, since they accualy block 100% of all evergy and physical weapons and reduce collsion damage by up to 45-50%. This plus a shiny new generation cloaking device made this ship very useful. It remained a fleet standard until 2271 when its 3rd gen debute happened. THis ship was also primary used as a scout and proved to be highly useful against the slow moving channan warships.