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Process vessels, pipework, instrumentation

Process vessels, pipework, instrumentation

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 2 years, 8 months ago
Here's one from the back of the hard drive.
The problem with most of my work is always that of Intellectual property - In 99.9% of cases it doesn't really belong to me.
(so I can't show you the really good stuff!)
I have to think very carefully about anything I upload and how it may affect my client(s) by sharing it.
Here I think enough water has gone thru the flowmeters by now that this isn't so sensitive anymore, if it ever was. It's not a cold fusion reactor after all.
Everything here, including structures and vessels, designed by myself from P&ID's and instrument lists. The pipework is thin wall dairy-tube

The modelling is a little clunky, it was my earlier efforts in 3D and time constraints meant that the job just had to be done rather than modelled beautifully and all the components were created from 2D manufacturers drawings*

Looks a little cramped, I know. The valve actuators were changed at the last minute to the enormous units you see, so had to make some hasty changes to shoehorn them in. It ruined the 'aesthetic' a little, but everything worked first time.


(* - Anyone use traceparts.com? I do love that site. Wasn't around back in 'those' days. It was all; scale rulers on badly copied faxes and try to guess the 3rd dimension. Haha)