Power Rangers - Power Sword (Ryuugekiken)

by GrabCAD
Features: 297
Solids: 16
Surfaces: 0
Time: 5 Days (+Research)

NOTE: I am making this model available to everyone for FREE as a sample of my work and to promote the other Power Ranger weapons that I have available. Please feel free to message me on facebook for pricing on the other weapons. Search "Ansgeirr" and I should be easy to find.

My attempt to make a "Legacy" Power Sword, referencing the MMPR series and trying to accomplish great detail. There were some things I didn't quite notice, such as the texture in the center of the hilt/crossguard section, so some of the details I've taken artistic liberties with.

Now that there is an official "Legacy" Power Sword, I have no issues with showing this model off.

Who knows, maybe it'll turn out to be exactly the same!

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