Port City Wave 2x12 Cab 3d model
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Port City Wave 2x12 Cab

Port City Wave 2x12 Cab

by 3DWarehouse
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The 2x12 OS Wave is totally unique in its appearance however, the magic of this cabinet lies within. The Port City Wave cabinet is constructed with a 5-inch wide, 45-degree angle sound deflecting rear panel. This panel is dadoed on both sides of the cabinet for ultimate support. Internal sound waves are projected from the back of the speaker down to the bottom of the cabinet where another 45-degree panel projects sound waves towards the front of the cabinet. A 1 1/8 inch angled port runs the width of the cabinet and projects these sound waves out towards you. Not only do you hear the sounds from the speakers, you also hear the sound normally 'lost' inside your cabinet. This design results in a much more responsive and louder cabinet. The tone produced from the Wave cabinet is smooth, even, focused and clear. The Wave cabinet is NOT a detuned cab. It is not designed to boost or cut any certain frequencies. It is designed to harness all the sound your speaker produces. The 2x12 OS Wave cabinet can match most 4x12 cabinets in its volume and depth. The main benefit is the dynamic response. When you dig into a bend or chord on your guitar you can hear and feel the difference with this cabinet.