Plants and butterfly (POV-Ray)

by Oyonale
This demonstration scene features several plants created inXfrog3.5 (small plants) and 4.0 (tree, with the Cinema4D plug-in). The models were processed with UV Mapper and converted into POV-Ray mesh2 format with 3DWin. Note that the models are large meshes and than while the plants were inspired by actual ones, they are not botanically exact.The file contains:the complete POV-Ray scene files to recreate the scenes below. The first scene is a traditional still scene and the second one is set up to be rendered as a 360° panorama to be viewed in PTViewer or Quicktime VR (the latter after conversion with tools like Panotools/Panocube).a sycamore-like tree5 (reeds with and without flowers)2 polygonum persicaria2 chenopodium polyspermum1 cardamine pratensis1 anemone sylvestris1 rumex acetosa2 urtica dioica(nettle)short grass (made with the MakeGrass macro)dead leaves and twigsa posable monarch butterfly (modeled in Rhino)