Piano Room - Client Side Rendering Job

by GrabCAD
Here's a little something for the Grabcad community. It's my latest modeling and rendering job I did for a client located out on the East End of NY. The architect is John Himmelsbach. I've only included the room and not the chairs , piano, paintings, coffe table, furniture, etc. The piano is from grabcad user Manzil Kale and his model can be found here: Grand Piano YAMAHA . you just have to scale it up about 2.6 x. The very nice armchairs are from grabcad user Zeljko Fabijanic and can be found here: Armchair # . The 75" TV is a scaled up 46 inch philips model that is courtesy of Tommi Sintonen and can be found here: Television Philips 46PFL5507 46" .

The fireplace is a basic setup of an Ortel Clear 200 that I did as well as the Stix p25 chandelier above the piano. The artwork on the walls and the coffee table are actually my own work.

Some of the renders came out with some speckling that I'm not sure how to remove properly. I'm going to be trying V-Ray with this model to see if I can get better more realistic renders. Once I do, I'll upload some new images. In any case, enjoy!