Overcenter VBO48 F.MC.I.SE/3 1AX-04B 3d model
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Overcenter VBO48 F.MC.I.SE/3 1AX-04B

Overcenter VBO48 F.MC.I.SE/3 1AX-04B

by GrabCAD
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It provides static and dynamic motion control by regulating the flow IN and OUT of the hydraulic motor, through ports C1 and C2. It ncludes 2 sections, each one composed by a check and a relief valve pilot assisted by pressure in the opposite line.Then locks and prevents reverse movement. With pilot pressure applied at the line across, the pressure setting of the relief is reduced in proportion to the stated ratio until opening and allowing controlled reverse motion. With motor turning and without pilot pressure, the relief function builds up back-pressure at the motor port in order to stop the motion. Back-pressure at V1 or V2 is additive to the pressure setting in all functions. Through port C3, a shuttle valve directs either V1 or V2 line pressure to the spring actuated brake for brake releasing.
For hydaulic motor Eaton H and T series