Ottawa150 anniversary (3DP models)
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Ottawa150 anniversary (3DP models)

Ottawa150 anniversary (3DP models)

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 7 months, 3 weeks ago
Just a few little designs for the Ottawa150 event coming up. I had created these for a start up company called prototypeD here in Ottawa ( They wanted to do some promotion for their company that tied into the 150th anniversary of the city of Ottawa.

The Tropy was modeled after the Ottawa150 logo and we presented it the mayor of Ottawa.

The smaller model is just a little keychain token that we handed out to visitors and children during 3d printing demo's.

The donut was just something we wanted to give to one of the local donut shops for accomodating us during our visit in one of the local townships.

I've attached the files as .step so you are able to erase the text and put on anything specific that you want to. They can be savd as .stl files and 3Dprinted afterwards....