Orca v.2 40mm print fan mount

by Thingiverse
Mount for an 40mm cooling fan. Fits on an Orca v 0.2 with V9 Hotend.
Improves print quality, especially when printing thin walled objects.
The mount is designed for a 40mm fan with 4mm holes and a hole spacing of 32mm.
Consist of:

a fan mount,
a funnel to guide the air directly below the hotend nozzle
a fan grill to protect the fan

Without the funnel the fan will blow to much air against the hotend, so that it may fail to reach more than 205 °C, with the funnel it may still be necessary to raise the hotend temperature by 3-5°C. (I use 213°C for PLA).
A higher heatbed voltage may also be necessary. (I use 19 V for PLA)
I'm not entirely happy with the funnel geometry, comments/suggestions are appreciated.
Fan grill created with "Parametric fan grille": With parameters:
hole_spacing = 32; hole_size = 4.5; outer_size = 40; corner_cut_radius = 27; outer_circle_diameter = 38.20; inner_circle_diameter = 15; outer_thickness = 3; inner_thickness = 2; vane_count = 8; vane_width = 0.5; ring_count = 3; ring_width = 0.5;