Optimized 3DScan Girl model
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Optimized 3DScan Girl

Optimized 3DScan Girl

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year, 2 months ago
This 3d model comes from a real 3D scanned girl. Body and clothes are separate meshes so you'll have a dressed or naked option.
Everything is optimized for rigging, animation or rendering phase.
It contains different element such as: clothes, shoes, eyeball, cornea, wetline, lacrimal ducts, teeth and tongue.

The mesh is available in A pose and a neutral/natural pose.

You'll find every texture you need for you renders.

Skin: diffuse, normal, specular, roughness, ao, sss, translulency, cavity, weightmap

Eyes: diffuse, normal, specular, roughness, ao, parallax

Cornea: normal, roughness

Clothes: diffuse, normal, roughness, specular, metalness, ao

Hair: diffuse, specular, occlusion, transparency