OpenScad Revolids

by Thingiverse
I've wanted to see how much can be done with OpenScad to generate more basic solids. Now that I've gotten my 100th design out of the way, here's more OpenScad mayhem.
This thing is a little library of 'Solids of Revolution' (revolids).
It's simple stuff that you can easily do with OpenScad (torus, ellipsoid, bezier curves rotated. In this case, I'm doing my own math though, and utilizing the Renderer that I did for the Bezier surface stuff.
This library allows me to play with different methods of rendering different shapes, to see what I can make 2-manifold, what will still work as a CSG form when combined with other primitives, and whatnot. These closed polyhedra will work standalone, but to combine them with other things in a CSG way would require some more work.
One goal I have is to get more solids integrated into a tool like RapCAD. And ultimately, I'd like to get a machine to be able to read .scad files directly, rather than slicing .stl files. But that's another story, these are just raw bits.
At any rate, if you're at all curious about how these various forms are put together from scratch, here's a library for you.
UPDATE: The blog posting to go with it