One Handle Water, a beauty inside!

by GrabCAD
Hi there!

In very limited time I managed to get my idea into 3D. Luckely the design doesn't have to be finalized.

My work is not a 100% focused on the looks, but more on the insides! The thing is, that it looks like there is no handle to the tap, and that is what makes it a nice, sleek and minimalistic looking design.
I tried to come up with a new type of a one handle mixer, that is functional, ergonomical, simple and easy to use.

When I was busy designing I thought about the producability, to make a realistic product.

How it works: By sliding the handle back and forth you can control the flow, by sliding to the right or left side you can control the temparature of the water. All in one motion, with one hand.

By adding a small red and bleu dot, and a small + / - it's clear how to use the tap.

I hope you can see the new possibilities this brings, because this system add's a lot of designing possibilities.

If my ideas turn out good in the challenge, I can make more detailed drawings and a 100% working assembly. Besides that, this design gives a beautifull option to make a nice looking new range of tap's to add to the great Damixa collection. ("Damixa invisible series.....")

I would say: "It's not a super shiny design, with an awesome render, but a clever peace of work"

Thanx for your time!

Johannes Alderse Baas
The Netherlands