Oil Skimming Vessel by Abdul Gakiem Fakier

by GrabCAD
This Animated model, Oil skimming Vessel in NWD format is also published for your viewing. But most of the Engineers do not know how to use it. So I’m giving you the link. First you have to install this free software on your PC “Freedom”. It is in the middle of the page.
Kindly download the software Freedom (Free to use software) and install on your machine from the following link:: siteID=123112&id=11091608
After getting the NavisWorks Freedom icon on your desk top. Then transfer this Model on to your PC. Then you can directly open the model. You have to ensure that your ram speed is at least 2 GB. There are various options “walk, Look around, Zoom, Zoom Box, Pan, Orbit, Examine, Fly, Turntable, etc. This was made somewhere in 2004-5, so Navis works might have made a few additions in their software. You can write to me in case you have problem opening and using the file. When you click walk then also click the third person option. It enables a man to walk in the direction you choose. Also note the red boxes on your screne. Once activated (Gravity) then the man will come to ground level. Enjoy all the privileges Navis Works has to offer and you may contact them in case you require further assistance. In India we have “Amit Borele – MD – Paras cadd Pvt. Ltd ( )”.
Thank You