Blend Swap

Office Render

by Blend Swap
This is a office render I did today and yesterday. I'd say it took about 4 to 5 hours total to model and render, more time to model than to texture and light. The chair took the longest, but I'm happy how it turned out. I liked the results, and I found it good practice. It's a near exact replica of the image from this site: I wanted to try out a lot of map creation with GIMP and ShaderMap, but I still find it way too clunky, esp. if I wanna make fast edits. I'd like to focus on it one day, though. So I was fine painting a diffuse map with Texture Atlas and Texture Paint and mixing a diffuse and glossy shader as needed. (Also, when doing the texture painting, some spots on the model are still left black. I can edit the UV map, but there were a lot of islands to edit.) I copied my main material for the wall-floor-ceiling object so I could give it a unique roughness.