Off Season Swerve Drive V1 (Chainsaw Swerve) 3d model
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Off Season Swerve Drive V1 (Chainsaw Swerve)

Off Season Swerve Drive V1 (Chainsaw Swerve)

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 7 months, 3 weeks ago
During the 2018 off season, team 6635 has spent considerable time developing a number of different designs for 3D printable FRC swerve drives.

While this design is referred to as V1, all of our designs were being worked on simultaneously, meaning that this version is not any more out of date than any of the others we release.

This specific swerve drive was designed to be used on our practice bot chassis for the 2019 season. For our practice bot, we wanted something relatively easy to maintain and relatively low profile. As a result, we wanted our swerve drive to utilize a single mounting plate, and utilize a flipped motor configuration. This configuration makes this a simple to produce swerve drive, but it would greatly struggle with terrain due to its small ground clearance.

This is the first swerve drive that we produced that we concluded would be durable enough for an FRC competition, given that it was on a lightweight robot. However, we did notice during testing that the chain loop used for the pivot motor would occasionally snag, which would make the robot stutter slightly while driving in an arc.