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O.D.S.T. and H.E.V. Drop Pod

O.D.S.T. and H.E.V. Drop Pod

by 3DWarehouse
The O.D.S.T.s (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) are an elite branch of the UNSC Marine Corps, specialy trained and outfitted for first-wave missions into dangerous situations. These soldiers are equipped with tougher armor than standard marines, and thier air sealed helmets incorporate a HUD system. The most renowned way these troops enter a battle is via H.E.V. s (Human Entry Vehicles). These pods are dropped from a UNSC vessel in low distance orbit over a target area. They utilize retro-thrusters, and brake-chutes to slow down entry speed for a "softer" landing. each H.E.V. contains enough provisions to last the occupant 14 days. The only parts in this model that were not made by me are the arms and legs of the ODST, which are from Warsocks marines.