Nvidia Maxwell 2014 Concept (GTX 880)

by GrabCAD
This is a concept graphic card based on the new architecture from Nvidia, "Maxwell", having a GPU and CPU in the same PCB. The CPU is from ARM, a Cortex A57, 16 cores at 1.5GHz and the new GPU have now 20nm cores, 40% smaller than the cores on the GTX Titan, GK110, 3721 cores at 750MHz, with boost at 800MHz. It delivers 30% more performance than a GTX Titan and 23% less power consumption. Total TDP of the graphic card (GPU & CPU) a round 210W. This graphic card has 8GB GDDR5, thanks to the newests GDDR5 modules from Samsung, it's also available with 4GB. Two 8 pin conectors, for a higher overclocking target. The fan is similar to the one in the GTX Titan, 780 and 770, but 10% bigger for better heat dissipation and less noise and 4 display ports, for up to four 4K displays.
This would be quite expensive... as the GTX 780 now. All this is just a concept, I don't now how is going to be, but it could be similar to this.