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Nude girl

Nude girl

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Model Girl exported to Makehuman program BlenderBlender.
Sohrannnny Fail blend scene.
Presudstvuet rig non-animated.
Naked (without clothes) otsudstvuyut genitals.
Prisudstvuet Creating hair using Adoni Grass Lad.
Hair in the scene as particle systems (in polisetku not priobrazovanie)
giving vazmozhno working with them.
Important! In order to be displayed correctly in the model stage, you need to install the program
Makehuman, as it is desirable to install a plugin in Blender MakeHuman as Adoni.
Available Fail Blender untitled-Girl 1 (file name) to move to a place where you ustanovlinna IDD program
Blender and Makehuman, I ustanovlinna version of Blender 2.77.1 it available Adon Grass Lad.