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Nordica (2016) - Bombardier CRJ-900ER NG (CL-600-2D24)

Nordica (2016) - Bombardier CRJ-900ER NG (CL-600-2D24)

by 3DWarehouse
Last crawled date: 2 years, 7 months ago
This was a fun one to paint. As has become the norm, Sketchup is once again crashing a ton, so I had to turn OpenGL hardware acceleration off, which meant a whopping 10fps max at any given time while working. Combine that with the fact that it absolutely refused to intersect the stamper for the dragonfly swarm on the forward fuselage (I had to intersect each dragonfly separately, which took upwards of an hour and a half in itself) and this model may have been more trouble than it was really worth. Even so, I'm still quite satisfied with it. This is a livery I do quite fancy, and I think I did a pretty good job of it, crappy Sketchup circumstances aside. The dragonflies and logo font are all custom drawn, and the gradient texture on the fuselage was custom-made in GIMP. Thanks to Mr. Lion, dizzyHARSH, and mandun.

- Information -

ES-ACD /// Nordica is Estonia's flag carrier. It is solely owned by the Estonian government. The company was founded on 25 September 2015 by the decision of the government, following the liquidation of the previous national carrier, Estonian Air; operations started on 8 November 2015.

Nordica was formerly known as Nordic Aviation Group. The new brand name, Nordica, was announced in March 2016 and used commercially in March 30, 2016. Currently, all flights are operated under the AOC of Slovenian carrier Adria Airways, also using its operating systems and equipment, due to the company possessing neither an AOC nor equipment.

Nordica is currently in the process of building its own fleet. To be able to start operations in November 2015, the airline wet-leased various aircraft from BMI Regional, Trade Air, Nextjet and Carpatair. As of May 2016, the Nordica fleet consists of two CRJ-700 and four CRJ-900; all aircraft wear the 'Operated by Adria' sticker.