by Animium
Ninja – Lowpoly game model – 400KBComes with animation20 Ranges and 300 framesFormats: .ms3d (Milkshape 3d) , .3ds, .b3dAnimation list1-14 Walk (normal)15-30 Stealth Walk32-44 Punch and swipe sword45-59 Swipe and spin sword60-68 Overhead twohanded downswipe69-72 Up to block position (play backwards to lower sword if you want)73-83 Forward kick84-93 Pick up from floor (or down to crouch at frame 87)94-102 Jump103-111 Jump without height (for programmer controlled jumps)112-125 High jump to Sword Kill (Finish em off move??)126-133 Side Kick134-145 Spinning Sword attack (might wanna speed this up in game)146-158 Backflip159-165 Climb wall166-173 Death 1 – Fall back onto ground174-182 Death 2 – Fall forward onto ground184-205 Idle 1 – Breathe heavily206-250 Idle 2251-300 Idle 3Downloadgoogle_ad_client = "ca-pub-3255423738669589";
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