NORTH COUNTRY SPECIALTIES 12 inch 3d printer the NCS PRUSA i3v Steel

by Thingiverse
1. PRUSA i3 Steel with 12" work area
2. Designed to use the common 10 Gauge steel found in the U.S.
3. Can be setup with either V slot or traditional round rod Guides
handy for upgrade from smaller units
4. The correct mounting holes for the PSU 4mm mount four patterns
1, First pattern for Chinese s-360- 12
2, Second pattern Mean Well Power Supply RSP-500-12 recommended
3, Third pattern for Mean well Power Supply RSP-750-12
4, Fourth Pattern for Mean Well Power supply RSP-1000-12
5. X plate included for micron 3dp all metal dual extruder
1, V slot configuration
2, Mount pattern for both Single and Dual extruder
6. Z plate motor mount and idler plate included v slot configuration
7. Has Y-axis lead screw capabilities (optional parts required)
1, Must print your own printed parts before the conversion
8. Two spool mounts included
9. Top has additional mounting points for different accessories
10. Most other PRUSA i3 steel accessories interchange except Y idler prints
11. Wide enough to accommodate dual extruders almost full 12" travel of work area
12. Available for purchase direct link
13. Downloadable free version is Based on my Prototype it does not support 12" travel with dual extruder should be able to achieve 12" on single extruder depending on style.
1, Does not include extruder plate,
2, Does not include spool mounts,
3, Does not have provisions for Y-axis lead screw capabilities
4, It is based on my prototype some tweaking may be required,
5, Designed for the 20x20 Vslot for X travel
6, Cutting of V slot is necessary to fit free version
(purchased version is designed to accept precut 500mm Vslot
14. Link to mechanical parts bundle kit this works with both Paid and Free Versions