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Moving cloud world texture

by Blend Swap
While working towards the scene below. I would like to share this nice setup in node editor.I am looking for moving sky for a scene I want to setup. This is made from my learning resources.Suggested direction from DredNicolsonled me to this tutorial, I credit for this blend.I only linked to the tutorial I did not make it. Clouds to Blender Cycles' Sky TextureStill not what I wanted but very usfull I am sure.(Good or Bad) I have labeled some nodes, Cloud Dencety Volumes, Wind Directions, Cloud Horizon and Lighten and darken the Blend I have the wind direction at -1 on x this is drifting the clouds to the right,a +1 on the x would make them drift to the left.y values will make the clouds closer and fartherz values will make the clouds higher and lowerHope it usfull, Please leave feedback. Have fun Blending.Latest Change on 2014/04/27, 10:31:45Updated Description