Motor Controlled Gearbox 3d model
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Motor Controlled Gearbox

Motor Controlled Gearbox

by GrabCAD
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Gearbox design for Increasing Torque and control valve through Electric Motor.
This gearbox Transmit gear ratio around 1:100 .
This assembly include simple spur gear had 1.5 gear module .also casing r simple to manufacture using plastic ejection moulding or any other manufacturing process.
Gears r made from aluminium / nylon using any 3axix machining or hobbing process.
Material of warm is aluminum / mild steel / stainless steel .
Lid material is same as casing material or different.
Assume speed of motor is 500 rpm then output shaft rotates at 5 rpm .
so ,12 second for 1 rotation .
If we increase speed of motor at 1000 RPM Then output shaft rotate 10 rpm .
So, 6 second for one rotation of output shaft.

If we use dc stepper motor , torque is around 2.5 to 10 N.m to 0.98N.m)
At this gear ratio and 70% efficiency this gearbox transmit enough torque to run this Hydraulic valve.