Modular design for Blackboard Open Sesame Challenge

by GrabCAD
There are two modular version uploaded with images:

1) Contactless with Keypad
2) Contactless without Keypad


1) Protective Transparent cover was provided for protecting the the key pad. This is assembled onto the Front Protective bezel for the Keypad version

2) Both the versions are IP 65 rated. Hence making the product unaffected by Dust , Water/ Snow ( The Area around the Keypad area can be ultrasonically welded on to the front enclosure from inside the enclosure).

3) The User interface ( Light System) is placed at the lower potion of the product , for the Visual interactive lights to be more visible during sunny days.

4) The light pipe around the letterings - Power, Valid and Denied will glow based on the systems ID analysis result i.e Green for Valid (Access allowed) or Red for access denied.

5) The Front Protective bezel gets assembled on to the Enclosure subassembly with the help of locators (mating guides) and a vandal proof Torx screw ( Screwed from the bottom side to avoid visibility)

6) The Enclosure Subassembly ( Front enclosure + Base Plate) consist of PCB with required dimensions, Keypad , Lightpipes , Gasket ( for IP 65 rating).

7) The Enclosure subassembly is screwed on to the wall before the Protective Bezel is assembled.

8) Effort was put in to achieve the look and feel of Blackboard family of products.

9) The two version can be easily manufactured. The version change from without key version to with Keypad version can be achieved just by:
I) Adding insert tool for making the keypad holes for the Keypad Version in the Front Enclosure
II) Assembling the Protective Transparent Cover on to the Front Protective Bezel.

10) Materials :

a) Front Protective Bezel - Polycarbonate (PC) : The inner wall is painted except for the area which surrounds the lettering. Hence acting as an inbuilt light pipe.

b) The Front Enclosure and the Base plate : ABS

c) The Clear protective cover [ Contactless with Keypad version ] : Polycarbonate (PC).

11) The logo" Blackboard transact " with the arrows will be screen printed on the flat face of the Front Protective Bezel, above the cutout provided for the keypad. This position for the logo is the same for both the versions.

12) The position of the screen print indicating the location for detecting the card wirelessly will be different for both the version:
a) Version without Keypad : The position of screen print is on the flat area of the front enclosure such that it is visible through the cut out provided in the Front Protective Bezel for accessing the keypad in the Keypad version.
b) Version with Keypad : The position of the screen print will be on the visible middle flat face of the Front Protective Bezel situated in between the cutout for the Keypad (above ) and the cutout provided for Visual interface with letterings (below).

13) The models are ready for 3D print!

Thank you!