Mini Cooper and building (POV-Ray)

by Oyonale
This demonstration scene features a building (ground and first floor + sidewalk) and a Mini Cooper, all modeled in Rhino and converted into the POV-Ray mesh2 format;It is the background for all the images in theVariations seriesThe building was inspired by a real building in Edinburgh, Scotland, and features textures derived from digital photographs of the walls of the Edinburgh Castle. The texture of the metal door was taken in Paris.The car was created as an exercise in complex modeling in Rhino. It is adapted from a Japanese version of the car and may not correspond to a real model. Note that the model is far from accurate and has several glaring mistakes.The file contains:The complete POV-Ray scene file to recreate the scene belowThe Mini Cooper model, which contains a half car (to be duplicated and mirrored) and non-symmetrical elements such as the license plate, the driving wheel and other interior elements. The wheels can be animated and posed.The building model, which also contains elements that must be duplicated.The sidewalk modelThe textures and height fields (pavement)The Mini Cooper model is also available here in OBJ and Cinema 4D formats.