MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter

by Animium
MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter 3d modelHigh detailed, mid poly 3d model of MH-60 Black Hawk stealth helicopter.MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter 3d model featuresQuad faced, mid poly mesh, with UVW mapping and Normal maps.Highly customizable model – both UH-60 and MH-60 configurations provided.Parts for MH-60 like auxiliary fuel system( tanks ), additional avionics and in-flight refueling probe are provided.All objects are separated and pivots set, for doors and rotors.High resolution multiple textures for exterior and interiorRealistic and detailed exterior with 4 different liveries, including Air force and Army liveries.separate objects can be rigged and animated.Included 3d formats – 3ds max and Obj. Perfect for any kind of visualization, illustration and animation.Polygons: 32, 418Vertices: 31, 869MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter 3d model PreviewSign Upgoogle_ad_client = "ca-pub-3255423738669589";
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