MAD rabbit - iPhone Car Holder v2.0

by Thingiverse
I love my iPhone 6 plus, but is is too big for a car´s cup holder. I hate adapters where you have to "install" the phone before you drive off, so I created Mad Rabbit, just drop in your phone and drive!
Hope you like it.
Version 2.0 is here with 10% less plastic, screw-on heads and stronger body !!

Compatible with iPhone 5, 6 and 6 plus
Easily drop in your phone even when connected to the power cable.
Interchangeable parts for different cup holder's sizes and phones.
Two point grip so it stays firmly put inside the cup holder.
Designed to print with no support structures.
No glue, screw-on head and snap on arms.
Mad rabbit's eyes channel the sound coming from the iPhone to the front.
The phone stays well balanced inside Mad rabbit even when placed on a table.