M4A3E8 HVSS Sherman - Army Mule 3D Model

by Highend3D
Originally modelled in cinema4D R11. Detailed enough for close-up renders.The zip-file contains bodypaint textures and standard materials.Features:- Inside scene: -model - 18 materials, 5 bumpmaps- All materials, bodypaint-textures and textures are included.- No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering.- No special plugin needed to open scene.- Phong shading interpolation / Smoothing - 35°- NOTE-In lightwave, obj and 3ds the 5 Bumpmaps (Hull_Bump, Sandbags_B, Gun_Bump, Equipment_B and Turret_Bump) must manually load in the Materialcanal. (Strength 35-40)- c4d Version R16- Polygones - 543727 - Vertices - 444311 - 181 Objects - 18 textures - 5 bumpmaps- obj File - lwo file - 3ds file - fbx file Version 2010The M4A3E8 Sherman earned the nickname "Easy 8" from its experimental designation (E8). This new variant entered into WWII late in the war (Dec 1944). It sported the much vaunted HVSS (horizontal volute spring suspension) wide track and suspension upgrade. This gave the tank a much better ride and more stable firing platform. The M4A3E8 was so successful that it was the used during the post WWII years, in Korea, and even by many other countries during the cold war period.Free File Conversions: Need this 3d model in another format? pleaseContact Supportto verify we can provide the format you need.Please use theSupport Forumif you have any questions or problems.Please rate and review in theReviewsection.