M'M'S / Modular Mirror Sensea

by Cults
This is not a famous confectionery, but a modular system for round or square Sensea mirrors (hence the title M'M'S) of 10cm diameter or 10cm by 10 cm available in your nearest LEROY MERLIN ...

Or how to customize a simple and aesthetic object using this revolutionary new tool that is the 3D printer ...

The idea came to me by revisiting the Blog Esprit Design website, the cover page of the Autumn-Winter catalog of my favorite chain of DIY stores: number stuffed with "Make It" and using stamps printed in 3D to create patterns patterns. I move away a bit, but that's what inspired me for this special bathroom design creation!

You can decide the layout of this handy decoration in a bathroom to see you from several angles: hairstyle, make-up

The frames have once printed, a convenient wall hanging system with two screws only if you install them in gang, use the template to print to properly position your bindings.

Print as many frames as you want to compose your pattern (from 1 to an infinity of mirrors, square, diamond, cascading, ...), assemble them (on the back of the frames) using the pieces of invisible junctions of your choice to insert in the clever system of notches provided, fix the mirrors with the help of the pieces of blocking by using screws of 2,5mm by 10mm of length. Admire yourself, alone, as a couple, as a family ...


Leroy Merlin product references: to 5 € 50 for 4 mirrors round to 4 € 50 for 4 square mirrors

I can put, in the spirit MAKERS and philosophy Open Source, on request via the CULTS 3D platform, available the creation files of the whole system that I designed, if you want to create other geometric patterns than those proposed (Bubbles and Losanges (Diamonds in English for tiles of card games)). You just have to sketch the surfaces you want to remove (using the extrude-cut function), all in a very intuitive and increasingly popular software (.F3D) format: Fusion 360 AutoDesk, absolutely great (no bugs in export .stl) ...

Post your makes, with original arrangements, other than those presented by me. Print, assemble, have fun!