Lulzbot Mini Extruder Body Mod for 1.75mm Filament

by GrabCAD
I accidentally ordered a roll of Colorfabb nGen 1.75mm filament for my Lulzbot Mini instead of 3mm filament. I tried printing it with no modifications and had mixed luck as many others have reported with various filaments. The problem I consistently had was compressive buckling of the filament inside the extruder body. I tried a few tricks to ease extrusion pressures like raising the extrusion temperature a bit and a few others, but I was still having misprints in bigger parts due to buckling.

I made this part to combat the buckling issue and it has resulted in perfect, consistent prints every time with nGen 1.75mm filament. I have not tried it with any other filaments.

It is a fairly tight fit in the extruder body, but you should be able to get it down inside without excessive effort. However, this part is not printable with the stock print profile settings in Cura (when printed with nGen anyway). Use 0.4 mm shell thickness to force Cura to print the thin walls. You will likely need to print a brim to make sure the part does not tip over during printing. I made the part in nGen, so your results may vary when using other filaments.