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Blend Swap
Low-Poly Nature Pack

Low-Poly Nature Pack

by Blend Swap
this Low-Poly Nature Pack includes someStuff i made last Week, its fast (some would say "dirty") modeled but you can get good
results by mixing them wich i did. Inside my Nature Pack:
22 kinds of trees (6or7 of them are "dead" trees)
6 kinds of flowers
5 kinds of "long" Grass
9 kinds of mushrooms (one of them is glowing :D)
10 kinds of Stones/Rocks
6 x Animals - 3xDeer,2xRabbit,1xFox (the animals are veeeeery basic - so please dont look close upsmiling)
1 x wooden Bridge
2 x (semi-damaged) PerchsAll Trees (and only the trees) are available as a mixture of Material and applied Wireframe-Modifiers at the 2. Layer. - in my oppinion these looks quite better than the normal ones. But's up to you..thinking.. aah i made a Material-Cube - thats what i do everytime i work on something - its like a Material-Depot (in this case just Diffuse Materials of course).
13x Leave-Colors /Materials
12x Trunk-Colors /Materials
The major Plane includes the the full particle-setting - accurate named + the option to test the wireframed Trees.
Maybe you can use this package, or even add something new to it.
Have Fun and let me know if you could use some of the stuff.