Linear Module of ZMI mark MB80

by GrabCAD
Linear Module of ZMI mark MB80.
This model was make from technical drawings of manufacturer/seller. The Base has min. lenght 334 mm (for motion 100 mm). All important dim-s is correct (from technical drawings).
Model assembled from 2 parts: base and slide. It`s need to possibility of placing and moving when it will use into mechanism assembly's. If you need other size of this module just change lenght of central block (in model of Base) using correct value of "L" from technical data table for this types module. In SW-part-file just change lenght dimension of "Extrude1" and "save as" file of your version of base. For step-file use your metods of changing modes.
P.s.: in russian it call as "мр80"="модуль ременной 80"= like "belt drive module". Module with belt drive element.
P.p.s: Here belt-connection slide has lenght 210 mm. And (important!) it can`t be closer 12mm to side covers, so here 334-(210+12+12)=100mm - it`s availabal movement.