Light Bulb 3d model
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Light Bulb

Light Bulb

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 11 months ago
This a precise 3d model of an incandescent light bulb and it is suitable even for close-up renders. It has PBR textures that are finely detailed and overall it has clean topology. Objects and textures are kept in order with clear names. The light bulb is also made by using real-life preference.

-Contains only quads
-Subdivision ready

No subdivision:
- 7 353 vertices and 15 004 polygons
level one subdivision:
- 29 950 vertices and 59 900 polygons
level two subdivision:
- 119 782 vertices and 239 480 polygons

-One texture for the whole light bulb
-Contains diffuse, metalnes, roughnes, normal and transparency maps
-All textures are 8192 x 8192, but they work also perfect with smaller resolutions
-NOTE: textures are designed to be used with one or higher subdivision

-Made with blender 2.82
-converted to obj, fbx and stl
-All textures in single zip folder
-files doesn't contain the scene (except blend)
-Light bulb is centered to the world origin