Liberator Variations (non-functional)

by Thingiverse
These are non-functional objects based on the Liberator gun by Defense Distributed. These models are fused together, and the original geometry and mechanisms can not be recovered or easily reverse engineered from the files here. Again: while these objects vaguely resemble weapons, they cannot be used as weapons any more than any other 3d print.
This project borrows an idea from One coffee cup a day, producing several absurd variations on the original Liberator file. Hopefully, they should make people feel like there's nothing sacred or singular about "that 3d printed gun file" but that it's something that can be remixed, appropriated, redirected, repurposed. That it's not just "floating around out there", or in the hands of a few people, that's it's not something to be feared, but treated critically, carefully, humorously, seriously.
For more information see the post on the F.A.T. Lab Blog or Andy Greenberg's Forbes article.
If you'd like to make your own variations, start with the "original-fused.stl" which is an assembled, to scale, non-functional Liberator.