Lego Minifigure - Fully Biped Rigged 3d model
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Lego Minifigure - Fully Biped Rigged

Lego Minifigure - Fully Biped Rigged

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year, 2 months ago
A Lego Minifigure, fully rigged. Key features as follows

a) Intended for close-up work.

b) Scale 1:1:1, Rotation 1:1:1 and centred on 0,0,0.

c) UV unwrapped.

d) SIngle Diffuse Texture (4096x4096) provided and used as input into a PBR Based shader with Cycles Render Engine.

e) Texture in .jpg format and provided as .PSD file layered with UV map to allow easy creation of alternative textures.

f) Created in Blender 2.78 using cycles render engine.

g) Full product documentation provided and available as free download (see supporting items) for assessment before purchase.

The model consists of a single mesh object (with clean mesh topology) associated with a simple biped rig for animation purposes. The biped rig deforms the mesh smoothly allowing natural poses and animation cycles as required to make your own Lego type movie..

A sub-division modifier is attached to the mesh object. The presentation images showing mesh topology are without the modifier visible. The user can turn this modifier on or off to provide different levels of detail and polygon count depending on the resolution required.