Laimain Rah’Cakk Cho (Bared Hand) Fighter

by 3DWarehouse
The standard fighter on all Lamiane capital ships for over 2 centuries this fighters squat lumpy shape belies its remarkable speed and agility. The four massive intakes at the front allow operation several different atmospheres. Below each of the outer intakes is a small launch bay for the famous Laimain “Lighting Bolt” an energy discharge that has the ability to track a target much like a conventional missile except that once locked on it can’t be decoyed or outrun. The 4 small weapons around the cockpit in addition to having an integrated slug thrower in each can fire laser energy, plasma bolts or Ion discharges at any lever from blanks to outright destruction. The Laimians have consistently denied to share the “Lighting Bolt” technology in any trade agreement but instead have loaned us wings of these fighters with crews and ground support to accompany Earth ships in battles with the Ssou Qku Taq. Called the “Bear Claw” by our crews due to its shape most fighter crews after seeing them in action are glad they’re on our side. Been wanting to do something away from the big long guns and wings I usually do. Hope you like it, And yes, the nose is supposed to be split.