Koji Pottery Lion 瑞獅巧獅 3d model
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Koji Pottery Lion 瑞獅巧獅

Koji Pottery Lion 瑞獅巧獅

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拾藝文創館 智廬_瑞獅、巧獅
其作品表現釉色華麗、厚重, 造型大都取材於傳統故事人物或吉祥瑞獸,富有避邪迎祥的功能,經常作為國家致贈外賓的禮物。
A folk craft originally from Kwangtung and brought to Taiwan in the 19th century.
At that time, Cochin ware consisted mainly of decorations for the walls and roof ridges of temples, including human figures, animals, birds, and flowers in bright, glossy colors. Today, there are only a handful of craftspeople who still possess the traditional Cochin skills, most of whom are in the central-island city of Chiayi. In the Japanese city of Kyoto the masters of the tea ceremony loved ‘Kouchi’ as small figures of animals, fish, flowers, dragons, the phoenix etc. - Koji Pottery Lion 瑞獅巧獅 - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by Ancient Jades (@antique)