Kids to Work Day ROV

by GrabCAD
This is a drawing set I put together to model the basic components of an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) that we are having kids put together on "Take Your Kid to Work Day" at our plant.

The included powerpoint document (ROV Assy Instructions.pptx) shows the step-by-step assembly of the hardware. I may extend this sometime in the future to include the wiring and maybe also the control box.

At this initial point, we are discovering we may need to move the Port & Stbd thrusters up to the vertical columns, as they act like levers and cause the ROV to rapidly surface.

When we do the day, I'll try to grab some video and include that, too...

Propeller: 3 bladed propeller (submarine toy)

CPVC Piping - 5/8"OD x 1/2"ID

LED with standoff

Cable Tie Holder:
Cable Tie Holder McMaster 7566K27

Motor (McMaster-Carr):

Toggle Switch:
Spdt toggle switch

2x AA Battery Holder:
AA Battery Holder - Step File

Contact Springs: (maybe - a placeholder for now)

Large toggle switch:

Switch Box:
1 Gang New Construction Switch Box (outlet box)

Switch Box Blank Cover:
1 Gang Blank Switch Cover